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Another lovely blogpost and image from Dean...
It is not an expression of the desire for praise or recognition, or prizes, but the deepest manifestation of one's gratitude for the gift of life.
Stanley Kunitz

The artist, Stanley Kunitz was speaking of what the essence of the creative act might be, where its origins could be found. I agree whole-heartedly. Making paintings is for me a sacred act of sorts and definitely a celebration. This why competitions at these ever popular 'paint-outs' puzzle me - how is it we can reduce something so deeply elemental to a contest without devaluing the whole idea? I have recently lived among a group of painters who, rather than compete with each other, banded together to assist and support each other. Perhaps this sort of feeling emerges at the paint-outs, but I spent time with a group of folks who each improved their awareness and process steadily and had a great and rollicking time doing it!  A large part of this magic was the setting, another larger part were the sponsors, Julian and Ruth. Credit also must go to the make-up of the group of painters during that week - a funnier, friendlier, better group could not have been imagined. Seemed to me they were all attuned to the above statement.


Well said....looking for my own rollicking good time with group #3 in July -- can't wait!!!

Wonderful heart-lifting

stories. Thank you

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