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A Chiily start to the July workshop.
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The wheat is out at the Madelene

July's first workshop kicks off, however, in 18 degrees, not the usual 38. Chilled to the bone our fine troopers produce some lovely work and the first magic moment comes when 13 paintings line up on the board over lunch (the second magic moment) of marinated mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, quinoa and courgette salad and beetroot with a rocket and walnut pesto.

Later, I enjoy some help by an artistic production line with the packing of the week's painting (and Vickii says lovely confidence boosting things about the woman behind the man)

..and Julian decides to take advantage of the bad weather and do the still life demo. I still haven't got used to the hairlessness but it looks good with the apricots' fuzz.

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I so-o-o wish I could be there!
The paintings look really well done!!!
18 degrees isn't too bad...Oh maybe I say that because I'm Canadian.
All the best,

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