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Mistral and irises



I know you all!! BTW glorious sun in UK - and NO wind

Lucky students!

Oh wow! So jealous, all those photos tell the story. The paintings even more so. I almost feel I was there! Great work Karin and friends.

Wish I was there! Maybe next year...

I think I would love to be on your list for Post card and Newsletter. Thank you.

I have a friend,Jill Randall, in your group last week, I was so envious. I wish I could afford the course. I have tried to help her with her painting from time to time.
In order to make a little more money I run a small Chambre d'Hotes for artists that wish to paint en plein air, stay in a comfortable home with excellent food. I don't teach.
I have advertised in the Artist and other places with very little response.
I know you are an extremely busy person but any advise would be most welcome.
Any extra money would go to paying for your course.
I look forward to seeing your work,in the mornings, thank you.
More details of what I offer on my website.

Come with us Autumn 2014 - reunion painting and enjoying that good life again!

Cool! I am starting a series of iris paintings. We won't have decent lilac season.
Good work.Paint ON!

I can thoroughly recommend everyday post cards etc. It is the first thing I cal up on my e mail. So enjoyable and inspirational. Lifestyle of Julian makes me feels so envious !

Hi, Sandra, what is your website?

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