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The poppies are here

The life of a painter, or indeed a painter's wife is not always all it is cooked up to be.. It is certainly not how it appears on facebook! A lot of the time Julian is working in the studio, much of the time on the website, often until the early hours and on many days too busy do do anything about mealtimes other than grab a ham sandwich. It has to be said he is also sometimes grumpy. However, today was the perfect painter's wife's day. Louis, Chloe and I brought the picnic to the poppy fileds and in between two paintings we ate quiche and drank cold beers. We left browner, happier and slightly tipsy. The kit we have prepared for the troops arriving on Saturday is working a treat: parasol, pochade box, viewfinder, mirrors (coming from Israel because apparently you can't buy anything under 40 euros and made by Yves St Laurent in France), tripod etc. The only worry is that the weather forecast is not great......
poppieslouis 1.jpg


In the first image I've just finished today's painting - time for lunch! The second is the same scene in reverse, the third is Louis being Louis

That is so funny and best of luck next week with your workshops! I adore your paintings and know that everything will be well!

I wish I was there with you!

Hi Julian and Ruth

I wish I could be there; a photographer could learn about light from Julian and other painters. Louis looks like he is great fun to have around. I hope that you all have a wonderful time even in the rain.

PS. I have been away, but love the landscapes, especially the one where the route leads to Crillion-le-Brave

thanks for keeping us up to speed on your latest adventure. looks very appealing, and I am imagining myself there with you.

Rock on Provence! Turkey has been great but not for the faint hearted! Your welcome and hospitality has been extended ahead of time brilliantly through your commmunication and photographs Ruth and Julian and I can't wait to live the dream if only briefly. Am excited to be meeting you all soon. As always your paintings are a joy and inspiration Julian.

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