Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard

by Ruth Phillips

“Set in rural Provence, this is a beautiful, vividly-written memoir about the life of paintings—how they come about and why we choose them—but also a celebration of the beauty of the ordinary, the smallest passing moments that are over even before they are painted. Ruth Phillips’ descriptive prose is like eating very good food. You want to share it with your friends.“ —RACHEL JOYCE, Bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Perfect

  • Signed copies
  • 240 pages
  • Softback
  • ISBN:978-2953450019
  • $9.95

Some reviews from Amazon

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  • “Having lived in France for over 20 years and experienced life in the same region as the author, I recently returned for a family vacation where I rediscovered friends and places and experiences I held near and dear to my heart. When I was ready to return home, a friend gave me this book and said, "Here. If you get lonesome for this place, you might enjoy this book." As another reviewer wrote, I thought I would read a few pages and put it away for later. Ha. I read the entire book on the plane from Paris to New Orleans.
    And what a delightful read! Phillips hit on a very clever way of telling their story which is truly a love story of two people as well as their love story with Provence. I applaud the author's willingness to touch on some of the knottier sides of their life together and to tell those parts with finesse. Difficult to achieve. Kudos to her for getting it "right!" I was surprised it was her first book, and I plan to pass it on to other expat writer friends who have similar roots in Provence.”
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  • “An absolutely joyful read! I've read it twice now as an escape from my daily life and inspiration for my future life! Ruth paints an honest picture of the struggles we find as human beings to fulfill ourselves in our adventures in relationships, careers, and our journey in life. This memoir is a pleasant departure from the everyday and succeeds in providing one with excitement in how to start thinking of things in a new way. The setting, the food, the art, it's all there! I savored this book page to page. Enjoy!”
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  • “Ruth Phillips is a wonderful writer. Crisp and lush at the same time, her words capture the true essence of Provence. I am reading the book slowly because I never want it to end. Since each chapter can truly stand alone, this is a book I plan to pick up and read at random for many years to come. My hope is that Ruth is working on a sequel.”
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  • “A great insight into an artist's life”
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  • “The literary beauty of this memoir caught me by surprise, as I purchased it as an "add-on" to Julian Merrow-Smith's book of his paintings. However, Ruth Phillips' writing stands all by itself as a work of art. I am very moved by her story and the quality of her writing. It is like poetry and music, combined ... and much, much more. I will keep Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard next to my favorite books which I open again and again in the quiet hours of the night.”