Tuscany and Civita Castellana, Italy 2017

view from otricoli image

View from Otricoli
14"x11", oil on panel

The white house, Civita Castellana image

The white house, Civita Castellana
10"x8", oil on board

Landscape, Civita Castellana image

Landscape, Civita Castellana
13"x6", oil on linen, mounted on aluminium panel

View from spedalone image

View from Spedalone
10"x7", oil on panel

View from Otricoli image

View from Otricoli
7"x5", oil on board

Umbrian landscape image

Umbrian landscape
8"x5", oil on board

Track at La Madelene image

Olive tree study, Spedalone
8"x6", oil on panel

Olive Grove, Spedalone image

Olive Grove, Spedalone
8"x5", oil on board

Near Castelmuzio image

Near Castelmuzio
8"x5", oil on board

Nut trees, Civita Castellana image

Nut trees, Civita Castellana
7"x5",oil on board

View from Pienza image

View from Pienza
10"x7", oil on board

In the shade of the eucalyptus image

In the shade of the eucalyptus
10"x8", oil on panel

Door and shadows, Spedalone image

Door and shadows, Spedalone
7"x5", oil on board

TClouds, Spedalone image

Clouds, Spedalone
approx. 25cm x 20cm (10"x8"), oil on panel

Pienza image

approx. 13cm x 20cm (5"x8"), oil on board