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Wonderful May
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A wonderful couple of groups this May. Here are a few portraits.

of groups. Here are few portraits from the May workshops

Louis' Poppy Demo
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Louis takes to working out in the poppy fields with the painters.

A visit from Ian Roberts
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Thrilled to have a lecture on composition and visit from Ian Roberts.

The Painters at Les Couguieux

The painters came to our home at les Couguieux for the first time! I was having a massage in my practice room while our group painted the poppy field at the bottom of the road. Some came in to our house for a pee or for a cup of freshly ground coffee from our slightly leaky Pavoni machine, or homemade (by Louis and I) elderflower cordial. Though the Madelene is, of course, incredible, it was lovely to have our group here at our home! Then, this morning, one of our three days off before the next week kicks in, Julian went back to the same site to paint, and Louis and I did some work alongside, making a house with an inner floral courtyard. Let's hope the poppies grow here every year!

Mick and the irises
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Poppies in the Mistral
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Our first workshop of the year and a wonderful crowd painting poppies in the crazy mistral wind.

Hot painting spots
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we have been blessed with the warmest autumn I can remember. 26 degrees!

Tha autumn palette and the autumn palate...
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We gave Jude the new Ottolenghi book and the food this week is as colourful and bright as the paintings being produced, all sharing the same glowing autumnal palette.

The Autumn workshop, day one.
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The Autumn workshops are in full swing. Two magic moments, one over lunch with Louis' still life demo and the other at the end of the day when the paintings appear. Extra special this time with a board brimming with painting jewels.




Julian's demo

Linda and the olive trees

And a fine reward.

Three returnees
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Settling in to more mistral. Will it ever cease? This week three painters have returned. Gina, Katie and Martha. Lovely to see old friends! And new ones with their summer nail colour!



Gina (Happy Birthday!)