painting of  Oyster and Lemon Quarter

Oyster and Lemon Quarter

19cm x 12cm (7½"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 22 September, 2009
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stand back from the computer to get the full appreciation of this exquisite those rich textures.

This one reminds me of Renoir, with this way of giving a slightly blurred impression and of using a pastel pallet. A wonderful show about Renoir is currently beginning in Paris (Grand Palais).

Quite simply: made my mouth water.

Hi Julian What I like about this painting is that it it foregrounds the shape and texture of the lemon, oyster and cloth in a manner that is real and sensual AND very painterly. So the artist is deliberatley there in the brushstrokes, but the image is defined with enough clarity so that I wish I was there to eat the oyster with the lemon (and I wish I could see the Renoir show, Alain.

Hi Julian I have no idea why you received 3 comments. B